What are worm castings?

When earthworms consume organic material in the soil, they digest and expel small pellets called “castings.” These castings are extremely high in nutrients and growth hormones, are water-soluble, and serve as a natural fertilizer for plants.

Why are worm castings good for my plants?
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What kind of plants can I use worm castings on?

Any and all! Whether it be indoor or outdoor, seeds or established plants, lawns or trees, all plants can benefit from castings. Even the most delicate and phosphate-sensitive plants will not be harmed by castings.

Will worm castings hurt my plants if they touch them?

Not at all. Worm castings are natural and do not have the harmful burning or polluting effects that chemical fertilizers and pesticides do. Castings can be applied to the most sensitive of plants.

How much can I use on my plants?

There is no such thing as too many worm castings! Castings do not burn plants when used in excess and are never harmful. See How to Use Worm Castings for more information on recommended quantities.

Are castings safe for my kids and pets?

Absolutely! Worm castings are non-toxic and perfectly safe to handle.

How long do castings last?

Castings are long lasting! While they are absorbed almost instantly, the release process is slow. You need not reapply castings for 1-2 months after you do so initially.

How do I use castings?
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Do castings smell bad?

Nope! Castings are naturally odor-free, with no processing or additives, unlike other odor-free fertilizers. They are comfortable to handle, reminiscent only of rich, healthy soil.

We are confident that you'll love our worm castings, and your garden will too.
We are confident that you’ll love our castings, and your garden will, too.
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