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About Us

Wormies Earth Farm is a family-operated business founded by Linda and Kyle Ernst in Colorado Springs, Colorado. By producing the finest quality earthworms and castings, we believe we are planting the seed of a bigger idea: creating a better future for the earth and for the health of humanity. Our product is 100% natural and unaltered because we take pride in continuing natures perfect design. At Wormies Earth Farm, we know how important it is to ensure the health of the earth and of mankind for generations to come. We know you love your family and your garden, so we take time to give our homegrown worms the same tender, loving care. We are confident that you’ll love our castings, and your garden will, too.

Worm Castings - the best soil amendment
What are Worm Castings?
Benefits of Worm Castings
How to use Worm Castings

When earthworms consume organic material in the soil, they digest and expel small pellets called “castings.” These castings are extremely high in nutrients and growth hormones, are water-soluble, and serve as a natural fertilizer for plants.

Earthworms are nature’s plow, turning the soil and enriching it with castings as they go, providing the best soil amendment. Worm castings are a completely safe and 100% natural fertilizer for all plants, no matter how delicate, and simply cannot be used in excess. Castings improve soil and plant health with crucial, naturally present nutrients and increase plant and root growth significantly.

Earthworm castings contain high concentrations of microbes and beneficial bacteria
Earthworm castings contain high concentrations of microbes and beneficial bacteria to provide the best environment for optimal growth.
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